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Tailor made floral gifts shop in Hong Kong
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小 / 中 / 大花束以供選擇

小花束 $500起 (約高35-40cm)
中花束 $780起 (約高45-50cm)
大花束 $960起 (約高60cm)

每一個花束都是獨立的作品, 包裝方法亦有所不同

Small/ Medium/ Large bouquet available
Small bouquet $500 up (with approx. height of 35-40cm)
Medium bouquet $780 (with approx. height of 45-50cm)
Large bouquet $960 (with approx. height of 60cm)

Each bouquet is a unique work and the wrapping will be different


**最終價錢視乎花材, 顏色及花束大小而定. 請提前至少一星期預訂
**Final price depending on the choice of flowers. Please kindly place your order 1 week in advance.